Personal exchange requests

Is there some way to adjust our settings so that we only receive notifications when someone has requested a personal writing correction? I don’t really participate in the general exchange, so although I get those e-mail notifications, I don’t check. But every now and then, I get a personal request. I’d like to respond to those quickly, but I usually don’t notice the e-mail. I would prefer to just be notified when someone has requested a personal correction, but I can’t find a setting for that.

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Easy peasy!

Here you go, Mark ^^

Just edit your profile and untick all the boxes ticked under “Exchange Request Notifications” and you will nevertheless automatically get personal requests simply by virtue of having put yourself up as a tutor for exchange requests in whatever languages you have chosen to correct. A tutor can offer conversations and exchange requests under the heading “tutor settings” which is sufficient to ensure you only get personal requests. There is no need to receive all possible requests in that language which will happen if you tick the boxes under Exchange Request Notifications.

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Awesome! Thanks!