Personal 90 challenge

So, I didn’t do the 90 day challenge. If I remember correctly it essentially started right as Steve finished his vacation… which worked out nicely with Steve’s life/planning – but not necessarily for others (like me).

So, can we start our OWN 90-day challenge timeframe? Or was that just a one time thing? And if not… why? It seems like we all have our own 90 day windows. Unfortunately the last 90 days for me have been extremely busy with work – but I’d like to give it a go.


@spatterson - thanks for the feedback! You are absolutely right, we should start a new challenge. We are thinking about it now!

I’ve started a new 90 day challenge and plan to be finished for about the end of summer or in august.

I like the idea of something like a 12 week challenge. Steve could report weekly on his progress. That must have been very cumbersome videoing oneself daily like that. He would actually have lots to say after a week. If you met all your goals for 12 weeks you certainly would have improved noticeably with your language.

For me, it seems hard to tell if I’m improving. I did notice something the other day when I was revisiting an old video of steven krashen on you tube. He used a German sentence as an example for an experiment and the last time I saw it I could only make out one word, this time I could understand more than half of the sentence.


Yeah, that feeling is pretty cool. Sometimes I rewatch a movie/video that I didn´t understand a few months before and then I´m like “Wow! It seems like I made quite a bit of progress!”

Yeah, that’s a pretty good way to measure progress.^^
I just spent like three hours over the weekend rewatching every video of a German Youtube channel I first discovered a year ago, and it was awesome, because this time I could actually understand them. (the jokes are funnier when I get them)
Maybe I’ll rewatch them all again next year and get eeeeverything :wink: