Persistant Import Issues

I’ve been consistently having the following issues with importing lessons – all of this is occurring to me with Plain Text files which is how I usually import:

  1. Trying to load the “My Imports” window under the “Classics” tab ALWAYS returns an empty list at first with the message: “No results to display. Try another search.” My Imports will only load if I then click the My Lessons button, then click back to the My Imports button.

  2. Import Ebook doesn’t work. It imports one lesson only and it does so in one block of text without linebreaks, ignoring line breaks in a plain text file.

  3. Pasting text into an Import text window will make the LingQ browser window non-responsive at first, and I have to reload and paste again to get the text properly pasted.

  4. A new issue popped up today, an error message: “Text must not be longer than 150000 characters” (Google math tells me that would be about 45 pages of text on average, so that can’t be right)

These issues are occurring on various Mac computers with both Safari and Chrome browser and with various plain text files and various user ID’s (mine and family members who ask me to troubleshoot their LingQ uploads)

A lot of these issues are occurring to other members who have posted about this on the forum. Please address these.

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This is happening to me as well (problem 2 & 4)

I’ve found a problem over the last couple of days where after editing the text of an imported eBook, it only displays a small part of the text in the main window after saving. When I click on edit however, all the text is there. I got around it by copying all the text to notepad, deleting all the text in the lesson except for a few letters, then re-pasting the full text in. The two times this has happened is after I manually hit the return or enter key to add a blank line in the text. But reversing this didn’t fix it.

Sorry about that everyone. I reported the issue to our development team and hopefully they will be able to find a solution as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience!

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