does anyone have any experience with this language? it’s not a language i ever thought of studying until recently for my job it looks as complicated as arabic?any info on it would be a help

There is a real paucity of good resources for English speaking learners of Persian/Farsi. For speakers of French there is an Assimil course - and I think there will be a German “Farsi ohne Mühe” edition soon. There is also some half-decent stuff published in German by Buske Verlag. But in English there is ‘Teach Yourself’ and ‘Colloquial’ (both pretty poor, IMO) and some university textbooks published by Routledge (which are not designed for autodidactic use) - and that’s about it!

It’s a pity, because it is, in fact, an interesting and beautiful language. It’s written in a modified version of the Arabic script and it has a lot of Arabic loanwords, but the structure is quite different (and much simpler) than Arabic.

The good news: Steve has said that he intends to learn Farsi after Arabic - so it’s a good bet that it’ll be arriving at LingQ in a big way!

Can anyone confirm that this rfi series has both the audio and the transcript.ﻣﺠﻠﻪ-ﻫﺎ/تاریخ-تازه‌ها The articles appear to have an opening paragraph and then starting with the second para, the audio seems to track. But my arabic script reading is still limited.

Hmm, guess I should go back to practicing French as well.

Yes the audio seems to correspond to the text.

Interesting, I wonder if they have the same thing for Arabic.

EDIT: no RFI Arabic?

I used both Assimil “Persan sans peine” and this course

Another interesting free resource is this one:

This is a helpful grammar reference:

Yes, that’s my hope as well. I’m brushing up on my Greek now, both modern and ancient. I was planning on writing about my experience on Lingq. I hope that, in a year’s time, there’ll be some material on Lingq in Persian. If the dictionaries are good enough, I’d like to review grammar, read the short stories as a way to recover some of my vocabulary and then start importing Rumi’s poems, “The conference of the birds”, etc.

By the way, it’s a wonderful, beautiful language with fantastic literature, so I think you’re actually luckyto to be learning it. Pay attention to the “diglossia” aspect. By the way, there’s “standard” Persian, mostly used in literature, then “spoken Persian”, actually used in conversation. For Iran, the Teheran version is the most useful one.
More info on this:

Both Assimil and easypersian are (mostly) based on standard Persian, Spiderfarsi mostly deals with the spoken version

Note: spiderfarsi was my first systematic Persian course and I still like it a lot as an introduction. It gets expensive if you buy all parts at once. I bought it by parts, over an extended period of time. It’s sui generis, with some weird humor. It’s similar to Glossica in inspiration

In Spiderfarsi’s channel there are some sample lessons:

And, of course, I’ll import this:شاهنامه