Persian: word order is wrong after importing a lsson

Hello, I imported a Persian lesson. In the finalized lesson, the word order of some sentences is wrong. When I open the sentence to work on it, the word order suddenly is alright. Returning to the lesson, the word order is wrong again. Do you know that phenomenon?

We aren’t familiar with the issue, but we will test it on our end and try to figure out what’s going on. Thanks for reporting.

That would be very good. I am importing texts that I want to study.
I do the following steps:

  1. scan the text with my smartphone
  2. transfer the text to my PC via Gmail
  3. transfer the text to Word
  4. export as PDF
  5. create the lesson in LingQ.
    If necessary, I can send you a file.
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I have been learning Persian for 15 years. The problems with encoding and text direction never end.

I have learned the secret is to just play around with the text in Word and usually you can eventually get it to behave. So I would suggest you try some experiments on your own.

Check your encoding in Word - make sure the entire text is right-to-left and that word is recognizing it as Persian/Arabic.

Try importing the Word file into LingQ instead of a PDF.

See if there is a common denominator in the sentences which are flipping direction - is there a certain character or type of character (such as a number or a Latin letter) that is in all of them?

If you want to post your text I can take a look.

Thanks a lot for these hints. I will give them a try.

Late response, but is it possible that the culprit is Word? What happens if you import the text to LingQ directly via copy+paste?

I am now writing the text myself, directly into LingQ. There are no problems anymore.