Persian Language

Hi there,
I have a question about my native language. Why there is no place for teaching Persian. Its a beautiful language and I feel really sad why nobody is interested in Iran and its belonging.
Anyway, I am learning Italian and English.
You are doing a really good job.
Thank you

Actually, I would be very interested in Persian. I have always been and I find it to be a very beautiful language. The problem is that it takes awhile to add languages to LingQ because there needs to be some native speakers who are willing to be tutors and are able to put out content, and there needs to be a high interest in the language here. I do hope someday Persian finds it way to lingq. Another problem is that there are some other languages that are high in demand right now. So those will probably go first if anything. Programing is another and that is not my area of expertise.

Hi Shima,

I don’t think nobody is interested in Iran and its language…actually I think many people throughout the world are interested in understanding more about Iran.
But I think Nick is right about LingQ, that’s the problem as it’s been explained for a while in the forum.
I’m glad you’re learning Italian, if you wanna have some conversation or submit a writing for correction or some explanation I’m here :slight_smile:

One day Shima we will offer Persian here at LingQ. But we have to grow slowly. Tell your friends to try LingQ and help us grow. One day I hope you will help us learn Persian.