Persian language

So we are getting really close to have another language here at Lingq which is Persian/Farsi. I wonder how many people are going to study this language and why? What are your feelings towards Persian, what aspects do you find easy and difficult?
I may not have a strong enough motivation to learn it, but at least I will give it a try for a couple of weeks. I just wanted to learn an exotic language that will be more challenging and misterious. My first choice was Mandarin Chinese but I couldn’t or didn’t want to get over the tones. Persian sounds pleasant to my ears and it could help me to discover the Iranian culture, so far unknown to me. However, I’m a bit sceptical because of the alphabet and the fact that vowels are not written so it must be quite challenging to enjoy reading it at Lingq. What do you think?


I know that it has a very rich literature. This is specially appealing to me, because I’m interested in reading old texts. Some persons say that it’s considerably easier than arabic, which would be very nice if I were to learn it.
Nevertheless, I don’t think I’m going to do it, because there are several languages that are a priority for me.

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I love Persian! I studied it for a while a few years back but left it in favor of Russian when I was beginning to be able to understand simple conversations. I have forgotten a lot of what I knew back then but I’d love go get back to it
It’s a sweet-sounding language with an appealing simplicity and a mixture of familiar (becaue of its Indo-European origin) and different. It relates to a wonderful literature and history and a beautiful culture.
As for difficulties: of course, the fact that short vowels are usually not written is a somewhat annoying but you do get used to it. At the end of the day there’s not such a big difference with languages such as English, whose pronunciation can’t be predicted from the spelling: you just have to rely on text-to-speech to find out how to pronounce the words
My main issue used to be the lack of good materials for the intermediate and above levels. Lingq could surely fill that gap: I imagine myself uploading Rumi’s poems, The conference of birds, etc…

I almost posted the same thread: I was very happy to hear that Persian/Farsi is coming to LingQ, and I wanted to see who would be studying it with me. I’m glad to see others are excited too!

I’ll probably start as I did with Greek, i.e. learn the alphabet so I can read, then work through a basic primer with the different verbal and noun paradigms, before starting the Assimil Persian course. After that, I’ll start looking for basic resources and work through whatever material is available on LingQ at the beginning (presumably the stories and Who Is She?).

I’ve kept a list of bookmarks of Persian resources to import into LingQ when the time comes, here are some good ones:

Persian Language Foundation: Learn - Persian Language Online
Persian Dee:
Mondly also has what looks to be a good deal of beginner Persian content: Learn languages online for free with Mondly - Language learning made easy, fun and free


I am very excited about the Persian language being added to LingQ and I am planning on studying it so I can have conversations in Persian with Iranian people I know in this area.


I intend to try it. As a beginner in Arabic (with a similar script, missing vowels) I don’t try to pronounce words correctly, only consistently. I think this is a viable way to start out if dealing with an unfamiliar script is already overwhelming.

don’t worry it’s as easy as a pie.

Don’t let the script scare you off! The Arabic script, which Persian uses with a few additions for sounds like “p” that don’t exist in Arabic, is really not at all hard to learn. I don’t know Farsi, but as used with Arabic it’s phonetic with (mostly) a 1:1 correlation of sound to letter, and it is fun to write. The only issue that I have with it (besides those elusive vowels) is that most fonts render it waay too small for my eyes. There are ways around that.


I wish to present to you a song I found today and fell in love with immediately:

If you can recommend other songs in Persian I will be grateful. Or just anything about this language that can make us wait for its Lingq inauguration even more impatiently :slight_smile:


Yea. I cannot wait.

Do we know when it will be here?

I check the forums every day, waiting for the announcement! :slight_smile:


I praise your enthusiasm for learning persian language. when you studied persian language i advise you to read poems of Hafez and Sa’di they are brilliant and it’s one of the reasons why i love my don’t know what a fantastic language you’re going to learn!

I do not know. Lingq does not seem to care about their users, nor care about efficiency.

What makes you say this?

I’ve checked out the beta version for Farsi. A bit rough yet, but already working! I fell in love with Persian last year when I went to Iran on business trips. I learnt the letters and about a hundred words. Now I need much more words and easy listening practice. Hope Lingq will help me stay focused.

We have Farsi already and I have arranged to have additional content created. So far we have the mini-stories but we will soon have Who is She and a series of casual conversations between two Farsi speakers. Just stay tuned. It is under Beta languages.