Persian language support thread

Surely I cannot be the only one who wants to learn this language

I voted for Farsi, did you? Farsi has 76 votes. Get your friends to vote here.

Alas I did not. Now it seems it may be too late. My “main vote” went to Lithuanian which has a paltry 26 votes. If I can still vote for Persian I most certainly will. Dear God I might even be tempted to start it if it were to miraculously out-vote Latin.

You can vote for more than one language. Get your friends to vote too.

Chris, your preferences will still be counted even after the victory of Latin. At least, we were told we won’t have to vote every month, will we, Steve?

The votes remain month after month, only the winning language is removed from the list.

Added a vote. :slight_smile: I put a mention out on Twitter the other day, too.