Persian Conversation Meetups

The conversation meetups have been discontinued.

For conversation practice, you can book a 1-on-1 tutor conversation with Sahra, go here; Login - LingQ

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I will be there. I am marking it on my calendar. I’m looking forward to meeting others who are discovering Persian and the rich culture and history of Iran.


you are more than welcome Steve. I can’t wait to meet Persian learners.

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That sounds really nice. It’s a pity I have just started (about a month) so I can’t speak basically anything. I’d like to join to just listen to you all, but living in Japan makes the time difference very impractical. If the meetings were held on a Friday night or Saturday it would be more feasible…


Hi Atlan,
I’d be glad to meet you even if you don’t speak Persian. You can tell us in English about your language learning journey on LingQ and also get to know other learners. For sure I’ll consider Saturday or Friday night in the next round of meetings. Btw feel free to discuss anything related to Persian library in the forum or just write it on my wall. you can also ask your Persian related questions on the Persian thread and I’ll be happy to answer.
Happy LingQing!

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Merci Sarah, very kind of you :slight_smile:
Vaght bekheir!


khahesh mikonam. vaghte shoma ham bekheir

Hello, everyone. I have been trying to join the meeting for about 20 minutes now. Is it cancelled?

Hi Justin, no it wasn’t cancelled. we were in the meeting, how come you couldn’t join? did you click on the right link?

I definitely used the link for 914 5135 3127 and also manually typed it in. I also tried multiple devices, but I was never let in.

Ah the ID is correct… I really don’t know the reason. I would let you in for sure if I saw you there. Sorry you couldn’t join this one. Can you attend the next meeting? it’s next week

It should be fine. I will try to join then.

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I’ll see you then. will make sure to check this thread in time in case you couldn’t join again

Hello, Sahra. I am in the waiting room. Have you started the meeting?

Justin, make sure you click on the right link above

I have clicked on 983 4190 3823

it’s weird. can I have your email to invite you?

************ @ gmail. com

I’m sorry. I thought the meeting today :slight_smile: