Permission to use content

Is there a way to know which sources have already given us permission to use their content?

As I understand it, the resources list in the import section only identifies sources of content; it is not limited to those for which we have permission to share. Correct?

Case in point: I have seen and enjoyed on LingQ podcasts (Spanish) from Radio Praga. I also have imported more for personal use, but I haven’t shared them because I’m thinking perhaps there was only permission to share a few. I think this is also the case with One Thing in a French Day podcasts. Am I right?

So back to the original question: is there a place to check for this information in LingQ?

Excuse me if it’s been here on the forum already and I’ve missed it.

@Jingle - There is no list of resources that have given us permission. The resources list is just a list of resources for importing purposes and not for sharing. The members who shared lessons from the sources you mention had to ask for permission directly. You would have to do the same to share from those sources.