Perception of the concept "lady" (questions inside)

Hello everyone! I’m new here and actually need your help in a questionnaire i have- i am really looking forward to getting British native speakers’ answers connected with a concept “lady”. Could you help me? I guess it won’t take long, there are just 3 questions:


  1. Many people associate the word “apple” with such words as “fruit”, “pear”, “Adam”, “Eve” etc., the word
    “bird” – with “sparrow”, “to fly”, “wing”, etc. What words do you associate the word “lady” with?
  2. How would you define the word lady?
  3. Imagine a situation and fill in the gaps with appropriate words.
    Somebody said about some woman “She’s a lady”.
    It happened, most probably, in___________ or______________century.
    The woman lives in_________________or_________________(country).
    She is from__________society and has got____________ education
    (good, bad etc).

Thank you in advance :))