People who use the flashcard system in languages with a non Roman script

People who use the flashcard system in languages with a non Roman script, when do you consider to have been correct?

So for example, if I am reviewing 你好 through the flashcard system I have to guess its sound (nǐhǎo) and its meaning (hello). Here’s the thing: I might not know what 你好 means, but I do know what nǐhǎo means when I hit the “play audio” Tab before flipping the card, and vice-versa. What is sufficient for you to hit the “correct” button?

A) I got at least the meaning of the written word(s) right
B) I got at least the meaning of the spoken word(s) right
C) I got the meaning of the written and the spoken word right

And do you think it matters?

I’ve used flashcards in learning Chinese and I think the way to go here is to choose correctness criteria beforehand and stick with it for some time for all your cards. Then you might want to adapt the criteria depending on what you expect from using flashcards, how much time it takes and on whether or not you think it’s working.

As for me, when I was using flashcards I would treat failure to recall either meaning or reading as a failed card. (And I would have the audio played after I flipped the card). Later on I relaxed that criteria a bit, requiring only to recall the meaning (except for the occasional case when I would completely forget how to read a character).

I think the main thing here is to find the balance between how much you want to memorize and how much time it takes. If it feels like you’re “cheating” and you’re going through your deck without “really remembering” anything, you might start thinking you’re wasting your time. If, on the other hand, you keep failing the same flashcards over and over again and reviewing takes too much time and feels like a chore, than you should probably stop trying to cram that information into your head and just let it go. The rule of thumb here is: the less study time you have, the less time you want to spend with the flashcards and the less rigorous you want to be with them

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Thank you for your insightful response. Nowadays, I only ever use the flashcard system when I am turning a page. It’s just a way of coming across the vocabulary multiple times in a lesson. There were just some doubts nagging me and making me overthink what button I should hit, making me very unproductive. You’ve cleared that up nicely.

I’ll try the hard criteria then (option C), where I must get everything right and only listen to the audio after the card has been flipped. If I fail, that’s ok and I’ll just move on to the next page. No reason to keep reviewing them over and over again, that would just be overwhelming.