"Pedido de intercâmbio pendente"

“Pedido de intercâmbio pendente”
This morning I received a mail the title of which is “Pedido de intercâmbio pendente”.
Is it in Portuguese? I wonder why.

It is in Portuguese. It means you have a pending exchange request.

Thank you for your reply, Juliohart.

“Requête d’Echange en attente”
Is this in French? What’s going on?

Yes, it is in French.

Requête(request) d’Echange(of exchange) en(in) attente(wait)

So I would guess “Exchange request pending”.

If not, I hope someone steps in to correct it.

@Yutaka, is possible to forward those emails to us? We’ll check why you’re receiving emails in different languages.

Thank you for your reply.
I have just forwarded two pieces of e-mail I have received.

Perhaps it is a subtle invitation for you to learn Portuguese and French. :slight_smile:

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Thank you for your comment. Actually, I am worrying about the condition of the server machine. The CPU of the machine seems to have been so overworked that it might be responding in several languages randomly at the same time.

“Requête d’Echange en attente”
Again, the title of the e-mail was not in English.

Hi Yutaka,
Sorry about that and thanks for letting us know about this issue.
I’ll report this to our programmers right away and hopefully they will figure out soon what is wrong here.

Hi Yutaka,
This issue should be fixed now. Thanks for your patience!

Thank you, Zoran.