Peace One Day

Hi everybody. I don’t know how many of you are aware of this, but a week today is International Peace One Day. In 2010, millions of people were active on Peace Day 21 September, in all 192 UN member states, and 28 organisations carried out 88 humanitarian activities across 31 countries.

The day appears to be increasing in awareness and support every year. Therefore, to those who do not yet know about it, please check out and lend your support. Thank you.

May I also recommend a powerful and short three minute video in English explaining the ideals and aims of Peace One Day:

I love the idea! Thanks for sharing.


It makes sense that we should have a peace day, there’s simply too much violence in the world. 1 more week to go!

Another interesting initiative. But doing this we will not end the conflicts and violence throughout the world. The causes of wars are rooted in political ambitious, bad redistribution of wealth, power and religion. Even if we make everybody aware of this, the big problem will be far away to be solved