Pc version of LingQ still unusable

-Translated full text still nowhere to be found.

-Most important, I cant make sentences, so just wont use the pc version at this point I guess.

Pretty frustrated, as a premium user, that its been days, if not a full week since 5.0 release? and these basic issues aint fixed yet.


I hardly think this makes the reader ‘unusable’. It is not obvious that a full text translation is even a desirable feature. What would one do with it since the aim is to read the text in its original language? Still, since the reader does generate such sentence by sentence translations, I see no reason why we should not have access to the full text translation, though I guess its a low priority feature.


For lessons which do have Full Translation available, you can still find the “Translate Lesson” option under the lesson menu. The majority of lessons do not have a full translation, nothing changed there compared to version 4.

Regarding sentences, everything seems fine on my end. What browser are you using? What exactly happens on your end?

Indeed. Full text translation was a great feature and crucial to the early lessons, in particular the mini stories. When working though these you need to refer constantly to the translation, including seeing how each sentence refers to those around it. Of course, the idea is to get to the level where you don’t need to do that, but when you’re at “mini story level”, you frequently need to, in my experience. We need the quick, toggleable, overview of the full text and full translation text, as was previously available. Now, clicking “Translate lesson”, you get tiny, grey, out of position writing under some of the lines. This then cannot be removed, like it or not, while remaining in that lesson! For some reason the full text and full translation text has been seen as an unimportant feature. It certainly is not for me, and neither for others who are commenting. LingQ have pushed the mini stories hard up till now, and the loss these easy to reinstate features greatly diminishes their usefulness.

I’ve also experienced a problem with making sentences into “Lingqs”, when grabbbing several words in the same sentence only to be told, instead of the lingq creation happening: “Select up to 9 words in sentence to make a LingQ” (or words to that effect)… i.e. exactly what I had done! In that Italian podcast the text was relatively narrowly squeezed towards the left of the reader, rather than across the page, so I’d presume some error of pagination was going on and the new version wasn’t recognising properly where sentences really stopped and start. Anyway, I could not make a lingq of most of the sentences I wanted to, which was frustrating, and could be what is being referred to.