Paypal payment problems

I’ve been trying to buy a premium membership. I cannot pay directly via my debit card, because it does not support online payments, and I am not able to change it for the time being. I have a PayPal account, but I doesn’t work either. When I hit “Subscribe with PayPal” and log in, I still need to use the card to pay. I read some threads on the forum and learned that I cannot make a recurring payment without a credit/debit card, so I tried using this link

but, again, after logging in, PayPal automatically redirects me to the “Add a credit/debit card” step and there is no button like “pay directly from your PayPal/bank account”.

I would be very grateful for any help. I’m getting a little frustrated with this, and I really wanted to try Lingq.

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I think you need to first directly log in to your local Paypal website (for Poland?) to sort out the problems, not go there via a merchant link yet.

Then I suggest you click on the Help link at the top of the PayPal page, and directly contact them via phone or email.
I get the impression that your PayPal account doesn’t work because it’s not set up yet?

You should be able to pay from your bank account, unless it’s somehow of an unsuitable type. The “Add bank account” is under the Notifications heading on the right-hand side for some countries.

Once you add your bank account, this account has to be “verified”, following their instructions, and this process can take up to a few days.

Also, if you enter the verification code incorrectly 3 times - your card or bank account is disabled from the Paypal system.

This kind of information is on the Help page, including what to do if your account is disabled.

Remember though that once your bank account is working, payments are never immediate like card payments are - it can take a few days or more to clear funds from bank accounts - but it’s better than nothing.

I would be very surprised if the use of Paypal for LingQ was conditional that you had a credit/debit card.
Good luck!

@Alauda - Sorry to hear you’re having trouble with this! Unfortunately the issue looks to be on PayPal’s end. They have different requirements depending on which country you’re in. As Julz611 suggests above, I would try contacting PayPal to see what can be done here.

Thank you for your advice; I finally managed to pay, and the solution turned out to be quite simple:

My account was already verified when I wrote that post, and PayPal said everything was fine. I was about to contact them by e-mail when I tried to pay once more, this time ticking some sort of a “this is a personal computer/personalize the experience” box (under the username/password section). Everything went fine; this time, instead of asking for my card number, PayPal proceeded to subscribing me to a monthly payment. I even went back to see if it would work without ticking that box (that would mean this wasn’t really the problem), but actually it didn’t. So I ticked it once again, everything went fine, and I am a premium member now. However, it still didn’t allow me to choose whether I would like to pay directly from the PayPal account or from the bank account via PayPal. The option forced upon me ( :smiley: the first one) is in fact slightly cheaper, so it’s not a big deal, but still, I would prefer to be informed about that before I buy the subscription.

@alex - so, like you’ve said, it is an issue entirely on PayPal’s side (maybe limited to PayPal-Poland?). Then I hope at least the thread will be useful to some other users; I read it is not only me who has had some problems with this type of payment.
It is kind of stupid it seems to depend on ticking a “personalize” box, but, anyway, I am glad it worked. Sorry for troubling.

@Alauda - Glad to hear you got everything figured out! PayPal deals in quite a few different countries, and I gather the rules and banking systems are different from country to country so there are bound to be a few differences here and there.

If you run into any other issues with the site be sure to let us know!

Não consigo pagar com meu cartão de débito. Como faço? Podem ajudar, por favor? Meu e-mail é Quero tornar minha conta Premium mas não consigo.

Não consigo pagar com meu cartão de débito. Como faço? Podem ajudar, por favor? Meu e-mail é Quero tornar minha conta Premium mas não consigo.

@marval - You may need to contact PayPal directly to find out why you’re not able to pay. Also, you may want to try purchasing a non-recurring membership, as recurring subscriptions seem to cause issues for some members. You can purchase a non-recurring membership here: Login - LingQ