PayPal Alternative Needed...Seriously

​How can I get pay outs from LingQ. I am located in Mexico and PayPal seems to be failing me.

A payment was received by me on 12 January 2015. I withdrew it from my PayPal balance to my bank account. I used the same procedure that I have used for the past year or to…

Now, a fully nine (9) days after PayPal reported that my transaction was completed, my bank account does not reflect any deposit from PayPal at all.

In face in the last two weeks I have receive two payments to my PayPal account, I have withdrawn each to my bank account and neither one is reflected in my bank account history or bank account balance. My PayPal account balance is now zero and the funds seem to have simply disappeared.

I am now in the process of waiting for another automated (perhaps) reply from PayPal. :slight_smile:

Needless to say, I like others, have become a bit enamored with PayPal. Can LingQ offer an alternative pay out method?

Within 24-72 hours I may get a response from this:

I received funds into my PayPal account, I withdrew the funds from Paypal via transfer to my bank account of record…but the funds have disappeared. Please help me.

TWO transactions:
(1) “Completed” 13 January 2015 $1,087.74MXN
(2) “Completed” 16 January 2015 $298.55MXN
My balance in my PayPal account is zero…
BUT neither $x,xxx.xxMXN nor $xxx.xxMXN have entered my bank account.

I went to the bank today, in person. The bank says that they have NOT RECEIVED the funds.

The funds are NOT in my PayPal account and according the transaction history the funds were sent to my bank.

How can I get my $x,xxx.xxMXN nor $xxx.xxMXN? Thanks for you help.

end quote

“(1) “Completed” 13 January 2015 $1,087.74MXN
(2) “Completed” 16 January 2015 $298.55MXN”

Now I want to learn some fancy grammar terminology, get my C2 in English and start teaching English on LingQ.

I’m really sorry to hear you’re having trouble with this! It sounds like an issue with PayPal, so unfortunately there isn’t much we can do at LingQ to resolve this…

We don’t currently have any other payment methods available, as it is quite a lot of effort to add a new method that allows us to receive and send payments to the large number of countries that PayPal supports (albeit not too well in some cases it seems!). We did add the ability to pay through WebMoney a couple of years ago, as we got a lot of requests, but in the end there were only a few members that took advantage of this option, so at least in the short term we aren’t actively looking to add additional payment methods, and will have to stick with PayPal for payouts.

It seems that the money was received in your PayPal account properly, so hopefully they will be able to help you track it down!


My earnings do not reflect any fancy grammar terminology. lol And in fact, I have not received these funds in a way that I can use them. They have disappeared for all intents and purposes.

However if my post, or any part of the content of my post, encourages you to start teaching at LingQ…go for it, and best wishes! :slight_smile:

Can you ask both PayPal and your bank to put a trace on these transactions?

Thank you for kind remarks. I am in the process of opening an account there now. Is WebMoney an option for me for future (in 2015, for example) LingQ payouts? I certainly hope so. :slight_smile:

From what Pay Pal has written to me (see below) there are a series of undisclosed intermediaries between PayPal and my bank. Requesting a “trace” from both ends is a good idea since PayPal may not othewise be inspired to do so. Inspired? I’m dreaming. My business is not significant to PayPal. I am approaching the threshold of simply forgetting about my loss and not using PayPal anymore.

Good day. My name is Maria from PayPal Customer Support.

I understand that you would like to verify the status of your withdrawals in your PayPal account. I am glad to clarify this to you.

Looking at your account on these two withdrawals on:

13, 2015 in the amount of $1,087.74 MXN
16, 2015 in the amount of $298.55 MXN

I can confirm that we have completed your withdrawal to your bank account ending in xx00. Since we also have other financial institutions involved in the withdraw process, this can take normally 5 to 7 business days to reach your account. This does not include Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

I am aware that you have checked these with your bank. Usually if there is a problem with a withdrawal, it is returned to us and the money is reversed back into your PayPal balance. So far, the withdrawal has not been returned to us. If in case the money is still not in your bank account after 14 business days from the date you initiated your withdrawal, please contact us and we can then begin a search for the missing funds.

This withdrawal is currently good. If there will be any change in the status, we will notify you.

I’ll be glad to hear from you if you need clarification about your PayPal account and I will do my best to give you immediate answers. Thank you for choosing PayPal. We value your business.



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My response:(written and sent 7:45am Friday January 23, 2015 from me to them)

To Whom It May Concern,

“I understand that you would like to verify the status of your withdrawals in your PayPal account. I am glad to clarify this to you.”

Based on what “Maria” has written to me, I am afraid there has been a misunderstanding.

This is my question:

How can I recover my $1,087.74MXN (withdrawal " to bank account completed" 10 consecutive days ago) and $298.55MXN (withdrawal " to bank account completed" 7 consecutive days ago) which are neither in my PayPal account nor my bank account?

Pardon me if my question was not clear in my previous correspondence.

Paule, You could teach a course in Grammarnese. :wink:

I believe that PayPal, as an American business, is required to do this trace for you. It sounds to me from your quote as if they are actually willing to do so. I have had traces done for funds sent between countries. When they find out where it went, they can get it back. In my case, it was once sent to a bank with a similar name. No problem. They straightened it out. I did not have to do anything except ask for the trace and be sure they had the correct name and account from me. (Double check that data with PayPal and your bank, by all means.) Bankers’ rock bottom belief is that money does not disappear. It goes somewhere, and they can find out.

Also to consider: These are funds from a Canadian business sent through an American company to a Mexican bank. The U.S., as you no doubt know, is extremely uptight about both drug money and tax evasion. It may be they have some new agreements with your Mexican bank about relaying data back to the U.S. authorities. This may be the reason (or excuse) for the delay. Ask them.

BTW I think we can not help you more than this on this forum. And… I would advise not posting any more very personal information in such a public space.

Don’t give up! Good luck!

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Thank you for your good wishes.

PayPal is held by a Singaporean company.

As of now, I will use alternatives to PayPal. I may pursue this matter by requesting that funds be either returned to my PayPal account, returned to senders and/or delivered to my bank account. If doing a trace is what needs to be done for the funds to re-appear, so be it.

Today I have to be focused on other things that I can control–like writing February lesson plans and groceries. lol.

Unfortunately we no longer use WebMoney. Hopefully your PayPal withdrawal issue gets sorted out!