Payment methods: Astropay?

Do you accept Astropay as a payment method?

I am not familiar with Astropay but we accept credit cards and PayPal. Can you fund a PayPal account with Astropay? If so, it should work.

Astropay is nice because we don´t need to have a credit card to make purchases.
But ok, I will try paypal or maybe credit card

To my knowledge, AstroPay is a virtual credit card. So, you can use it with PayPal. It is not going to put extra costs on you since PayPal is going to charge you in your native currency: just a normal local transaction.

Yes, it is. The thing about AstroPay is that they accept deposit through “boleto”, which is a very popular form of payment here in Brazil…

Я не могу оплатить, пробую и не получается , как это сделать правильно?

Definitely yhis method to pay could be very Usefull here in Brazil.

PAyPAL here in Brazil at a least on day per week have a big problem with payment.

I can’t remeber how long times my upgrade was canceled here on lingQ.

@ininaa - How have you tried to pay? Did you try a credit card or Paypal? Or, are you saying you are unable to use either of these methods?

@Lucas_ - If you do use AstroPay, it would have to be as a funding source for a PayPal account I think. Have you tried this? Or, are you able to fund a credit card using AstroPay?