Payment doubt – change study plan

Yesterday I tried to change my plan reducing payment for a month. But expire date to my plan was Oct-18-2014 and site put the next payment to Set-26-2014. I didn’t understand because I thought the next payment should be in Oct-18-2014. So, I changed to 6 month plan again, but the system considered I was created a new plan and my new expired date is Feb-26-2015.

In this case, I’m missing almost 2 months?

What can I do to fix this problem?

Best Regards,

Gustavo Velloso

Hi Gustavo! It looks like the payment yesterday was a partial payment to take into account the remaining days you had on your previous membership, so currently no membership days have been lost in the process. What I might recommend is sending an email to us at support (at) with the specifics of how you’d like to have your membership changed and we can then give you a hand at making the necessary adjustments.

Hi Alex,

I checked PayPal summary bill and I’m paying difference between remaining days and new plan contracted value. So, issue solved!

Thank you