Paying to non-paying member

If I become a paying member with the benefits of “infinite lingqs and uploads”, but then on occasion stop payment (ex: swamped by school semester)

What will happen?

-will imported texts go away or just “freeze”
-will I have too many lingqs, preventing me from moving blue words to known words
-will my lingqs still be quizzable?

I took a month off.

It wouldn’t let me downgrade until I erased all the lessons I’d imported. The public lessons stayed on their system.

I’d already maxed out the LingQs so there was no clicking on any words while listening. I couldn’t see any old LingQs or check definitions of new words with their system.

I don’t use the quizzes regularly, so I didn’t check that aspect.

I erased the languages to see if I could at least start from scratch and see definitions of new words. That didn’t help! The LingQs went away, but the record that I’d maxed out my free account stayed.

It won’t stop me making a month off in the future sometime if I were going to be on vacation or busy with school. But the system isn’t any fun to use for paying users that take a month off.

That’s good to know. Thanks for your response Angie.

There’s one more hope. I remember when I first maxed out my lingqs as a non -paying member.

Several months later I was able to resume. I’m going to ask a friend who is currently taking time off from lingq because he’s studying abroad in France. It must be around 6 months off right now. I’ll see if he’s NOW able to use the known words feature (maybe there’s a time delay before it resets)

When I find out, I’ll post it here for your information.

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Oops. Apparently my friend was never a paying member. He just did what I do. Move blue words to known words when he felt comfortable with them.

I think they eventually reset. I had exceeded my free lingq limit a while ago and even after deleting them I wasn’t able to view words/move to known.

But I had come back several months later and was able to resume that, so maybe it does happen.

Has anyone else had that experience?