Paying for German translations? What is the best way? Struggling to find interested content!

Hi Lingqers!

I go directly to the point! I am struggling to find interesting content in German. Most of the content I am interested in, do no have transcripts. So… How can I manage to pay someone to transcript some audios? How much should I speck to pay per minute? Did anyone have the same problem in German? What do you recommend me?

Take in consideration that the audios I’m interested in are from 1 to 2 hours long (Podcast, interviews).

I am in the point of my language level where I;m not interested on unreal content, I love reading books, but I still found them really painful to work through. Perhaps someone was in the same stage on the German studies and can recommend me any book. I have 11.000 German words.


You are looking for transcripts of very long duration. Maybe it could be a good idea to crowdfund some of them if the content is in the public domain? I guess 1 hour of transcription is about 3-4 hours of work and I would expect that to set you back something like 20-50 euro per hour of qualified work depending on who you find willing to do the work.

Could audiobooks (plus the text version) be an option?

There is a lot of Deutsch audio books on / .com and you get the first audio book free. I recommend using it!

Have you tried posting your audio files on the Exchange here and asking for transcription. If they are that long, you may not get any response but you never know. Also, there’s rhinospike where you can find transcription I believe. Or, look for a freelancer on Upwork.

If you love reading, then I would literally just buy a few books that you have already read before, and just buy them in German. After reading a few of those books, you will almost 100% be able to then pick up novels you have never seen and read them :).

Or (if you have no issue with downloading), just type in a German title and add the word “pdf” into google, and the text will usually be there!