Pay in iOS and visa

I’m vietnamese, i’ve Just been charged 20$ for just 1 month LingQ, and my premium account only valid from June 4 to July 4, any can help me?

I checked your account and looks like you are subscribed to LingQ Premium both on the website and iTunes.
Can you please login to your iTunes account and cancel your subscription there. Here’s how you can do that: If you want to cancel a subscription from Apple - Apple Support

After that, your account will stay on website subscription only and I will add additional Premium month to your account manually so that you don’t lose any of your paid days.

Please let me know when you cancel iTunes subscription and we will take care of it.

I’ve just canceled iTunes subscription, but i have another question…why I was charged $10 from May 24 to 31 May, I thought I had 7 days trial for free, can you check it for me?

Thanks! You are now on website subscription only and I extended it until August 4th.
May 24th should be a false payment, since that was 7 days free trial period. Money shouldn’t actually be taken from your account.
However, if you are sure that it was, please report a problem to Apple here and they should provide a refund shortly:

For anykind of support or service on Apple devices you can contact:

Thanks, I’ve contacted with apple service and they will refund to me

"AppleSupport Number is an independent provider of remote tech support for third-party products. Any use of third party trademarks, brand names, product, and services is only referential. "
I don’t think the site “” is related to Apple. Apple seems to be “third party” for this company.