Pay for audio for texts

Would it be possible to offer this service on Lingq? I have a lot of Chinese content, but no audio. I would love a system where I could use my points to pay other native speakers make audio recordings of this content.


It could be cool, but I imagine there would be a quality issue… What if you’re not happy with the result - do you get a refund, and who judges if the voice actor or the client is in the wrong?

Perhaps a system where you only get a “taste” of the recordings and they’d only be downloadable if you choose to pay.

In addition, perhaps making a feature allowing the voice actor to synchronize the recording to the text. That could be quite useful!

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We did actually had audio recordings available as tutoring activities while ago, but we removed that option since it was very rarely used. At this moment you can use tutors only for conversations and writing corrections.

It was my 2nd way (after conversations) to earn points.
I cannot imagine how was it possible to reduce any support costs by removing a great functionality.