Pausing after each sentence

I would love it if LingQ had an audio setting that automatically paused after each sentence for 5 seconds or so. For me personally, this would make the listening side of LingQ much more motivating and beneficial to my learning Chinese.

I find that giving my brain just a little time to make sense of each sentence can be the difference between full comprehension of a lesson and just picking up bits and pieces. The slowing down is helpful but I’m often still trying to parse one sentence as the next sentence is beginning, and this snowball effect continues until I’ve missed multiple sentences in a row. A ‘pausing after each sentence’ setting would allow me to listen at a natural speed and comprehend more than the continuing slow speed. It would also help me to pinpoint exactly what I’m not understanding and go back to focus on that in the text.

I am currently doing this manually, but continually stopping the audio track manually is either annoying or impossible while doing tasks like washing the dishes or driving. I am thinking that, because automatically dividing text into sentences is already an excellent feature of LingQ, that programming something like this might not be too difficult/impossible to include in future LingQ iterations?

I’m hoping there are plenty of other LingQ users who would like this feature?


This is a brillant idea, Dannee! It would help me a lot. And I think that it must be possible to do for the developpers!


Thanks for your feedback and suggestion. I’ll forward to our development team and add it to our wishlist.


I was just about to write a post asking for this; or something similar. Any progress?

On Language reactor, it allows you the option to pause the video after each closed-caption line. There’s a switch where you turn the feature on and off. It would be great to have a switch like that on the LingQ player controls. If LingQ had this feature, I wouldn’t really have a reason to use Language Reactor anymore :slight_smile: