Pause or delay the audio speaker between words using formatting

Is there a way to format a lesson using a special character/s I can type in between any words to create a pause or a delay between the narrator’s spoken words.

For example, I would like the speaker to say the word “After” in English, then pause for a moment and then say “Nakon” in Croatian. So when I listen to a lesson I hear the word After, then a couple of seconds later I hear Nakon, and so on and so forth with the words I have entered.

As it is the speaker says After and then immediately says Nakon which is just too fast for me to learn the work Nakon.

Yes, using special characters or punctuation can create a pause or delay in narration. For example, by inserting a full stop (.) or a comma (,), you can introduce a brief pause. However, the length of the pause may vary depending on the text-to-speech software you are using for an examples of personal narrative topics. To create a longer pause, you might try adding multiple full stops or commas, or writing out “pause” or “wait” in between the words. It’s best to experiment and see what works best with your specific text-to-speech software.