Paule´s Japanese lessons

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I´ll create little “Japanese sentence packs” from time to time. All lessons are proofread and recorded by native speakers, of course. Please subscribe to this thread if you want to stay up to date :slight_smile:

Some random phrases like “They´re probably on a compensated date” or “I´ll fight until I die!”

Some phrases like “Aiko-chan became a singer” or “I play the guitar”.

Special thanks to:
Login - LingQ and Login - LingQ - for recording these lessons and having lovely voices. - for example sentences and translations

What is a compensated date? Sounds as if I could do with one.

Hmm…maybe not…

I should have known it!

That’s an interesting collection. The kanji’s a bit tough for ‘easy Japanese’, though. 筈 is normally kana, and 沁 is not exactly common. A bit at odds with the speed of her speech.

Oh, none of these two are jouyou kanji. Now hazu is written in hiragana and 染 is used for shimimasu.
Thanks :slight_smile:

染みます, as the joyo kanji, is the accepted version, but for the sentence you’ve got there, 心に沁みます is a more emotive way of writing it. It’s a bit like the difference between 寂しい and 淋しい.

Some phrases like “Aiko-chan became a singer” or “I play the guitar”. I´d like to thank tuly0321 for recording the audio file. English&German translations available.

Fixed link: Playing Music-Playing Music

いい アイデア けど はじめ の レッオン は ちょっと うんざり だ, なぜなら あの 女 めちゃくちゃ のろのろ お 読みます よ。

Well, I like it.^^

Hast Du eine Ahnung warum Du in der japanischen Bibliothek nicht als " provider " aufgeführt bist?


I’m not saying that it was not OK but the first time she reads those sentences makes me think of Japanese for super dummies or something.