Patterns and language learning

I believe recognizing patterns is key to language learning. You may find this post from my blog and my recent video on this of interest. See below.

I would love to see our LingQ community work together to develop a large corpus of basic pattern sentences, with audio for all of our languages.

I’ve started today some special course ‘Basic Russian patterns for beginners (Базовые модели)’, though I think we had and before it some patterns for German in Vera’s lessons, some patterns in French in Serge and Miss Take lessons and some patterns in Spanish in IDEL and alsuvi lessons and a lot of them for Russian, German and English in my previous lessons.
Here is the link to the new course of Russian basic patterns:


I think it would be really helpful if LingQ can gather these contributions to a category, like “something to start with” for each language, instead of let them scattering among the categories of beginner 1 and 2. In this case, anyone who would like to start and to taste a new language can start from here.

How do I find the English pattern sentences in order to try and use them for Spanish? I’m not sure how to find them in the library. Thanks.