Password required for audio

I can’t listen to audio in this lesson - I get a popup that tells me I need a password. I have a screenshot of the window, but don’t see a place to post it here.

Hi Wulfgar,

Unfortunately I can’t access the lesson from this link, as it’s your personal link to this lesson. Can you paste the link found at the bottom of the lesson that ends in /buy/? It sounds like the external audio source may be restricting access, in which case we’ll have to pull the lessons from the library.

These are the only 2 links I could find at the bottom:

incidentally, this restriction happened in the last few days. I’d already downloaded the audio from another one of their lessons, but when I went to review it here yesterday, it was password protected. Maybe they forgot that it was being used by lingq.

Thanks for the link. I’ve now contacted the uploader regarding this issue.

I am very sorry for that. I mistakenly added a password protection file onto my domain address in order to use LWT personally. Actually, there are all the audio files on this address. Yesterday I realized that I could not listen to audio files on LingQ, so I removed this password protection file with FFFTP. I tried to listen to lessons after having done that. It works very well.

Now you can listen to all the lessons.

If you still have any problem, please feel free to leave a message here.

It’s working now. Thanks!