Passive Listening Time Tracker

Hello good folks of LingQ!

I’m going to try out this passive listening thing, and I’m aiming for 4 hours a day. I wonder if there’s an app or something that helps me keep track of my actual listening time. What I want it to do is: (1) log when I listen, stop logging when I don’t; (2) log the total amount of time, not just for single tracks; (3) give the option to reset the log at the end of the day.

I should mention I’m not going to use the audio files contained within LingQ lessons; rather I will use a smartphone and hand-picked MP3 files.

If anyone know of such a program, please let me know!

If you create Playlists in IlingQ on your iPhone or Android and then listen to this device. This will track the listening you do on your phone. I don’t do this, but Mark does.