Parsing of chinese completely turned off?

I imported a new lesson, and lingq considers all sentences to be single words. Has the parsing been turned off completely?

Yup, I checked two lessons. No problem in one but what you described is the case in another one.
Something wrong. I hope we can fix this quickly.

Is this happening in all lessons for you? If not, which ones?

Hi Wulfgar!

It should be working properly - would you send me a link to the lesson where this is occurring? Was this a newly imported lesson, or were you editing a previously imported lesson? If you try importing the same text again in a new lesson, does this issue occur again?

@alex - it’s an imported lesson. Here is the link:

Happens to me every time I import and share a lesson. Seems to fix itself after a week or so. Also this thread:

Thanks! We’ll take a closer look into this. Would it be OK if I leave this lesson as is for now while we follow up on this issue?

I’m supposed to read it tomorrow.

OK, here’s a corrected version of this! If you can leave the other lesson in the meantime we’ll get this sorted out just as soon as we’ve finished with some of the remaining issues that popped up with yesterday’s update.

examples of the one’s I’ve noticed :

I had the same problem. Ugh, ugh!!! But it all works beautifully for me now. I hope this is happening for everyone else. Thanks Team!

I did have to remove the ‘bad’ lesson and start again.

Thanks for providing links! We are working to get this issue fixed as soon as possible!

Thanks for fixing that lesson. Can you fix this Japanese lesson please? I just created it, and it’s the same problem.

Also these:

Hi Wulfgar,
No problem, lesson fixed! Let me know if you notice more lessons which are not splitted properly.

Hi iaing,
I’ve fixed all lessons which you have mentioned in your posts above. Thanks for your patience, and let me know if you notice more lessons which are not splitted properly.

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Thanks. When do you think the problem will be resolved?

Thanks, I can’t lingq new words in these now, however.

Also, still for new lessons it is still the same original problem. Is there a permanent fix for this?

For example:
Shared lesson here: Login - LingQ
Private lesson here: Login - LingQ