Parallel Text

I would love to see a ‘parallel text’ reader setting on lingq with the translation of individual words appearing permanently below the foreign word. The original ‘popup’ setting would be great to retain because many people may prefer this setting but I, for one, find parallel text reading to be a very smooth and enjoyable way to read. I’m curious to know if anyone else feels the same way.


have you tried reading in sentence mode?

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Yes, I’m suggesting something a little different.

I would love this. I wouldn’t have it turned on ALL the time but it’d be very useful for reading stuff that’s way above my current level. Reading stuff at my level is really dull since my level is so low.

I asked for something similar - basically when in sentence mode have it automatically translate the sentence without me having to make it translate it every time. Obviously if you’re translating every sentence then this would save time. Again - for when you’re reading above your current level. I think all beginners and upper beginners would find it useful.