(Paid) Read and Record. We want to voice popular proverbs

Hello everybody.
We help people from Eastern Europe to learn English for free.
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Now we want to voice popular proverbs.
We plan to voice these proverbs in 3-5 different voices. Proverbs - very easily perceived and remembered - this is a great format for effectively learning English.

We need help with this.

We are looking for 4-5 people who can voice these proverbs (it can be a home sound recording - not in the studio). Ideally, it should be people who live in an English-speaking country and English is their native language. The planned sounding time is not long - about 30-60 minutes.

In more detail:

It is necessary to read the text of proverbs and record audio – 30-60 minutes.
Audio recording can be home (not studio).
At the same time, the audio recording should be with clear diction and without any background noise (without sounds - cats, dogs, music, etc.)
Format – MP_3.
We need 4-5 different voices, so we are looking for two girls/woman and two boy/men. Age does not matter.
There are no special requirements for the quality of the recording and the voice - therefore, if you meet the above requirements, then you are suitable for it.
The recording should be done in your own voice - just read the proverbs clearly in such a rhythm as if you were talking to your friends (We need a lively real English conversation - We don’t need acting and mastery diction)

You do not need to edit, just need to read and record sound. If there are random single sounds, noise - it is not scary. We ourselves will respond and will be able to cut out errors or external sounds.

Text-file with the provebs here → Main_Provebs_.pdf - Google Drive

Thank you in advance for your help.
PS: Please, if you are interested in this project, please send your desired price in private (here on the forum or on my facebook Redirecting...

Hey! I’d love to help you guys out! I don’t use Facebook, is there another way of communication you’d be willing to use?

I apologize for the late reply ^(.
The task is still relevant.
Please write on