Paid for premium - but all content is grayed out

I’m new to Lingq. I just paid for premium. When I click on any lesson, the content is grayed out. I’ve tried everything, including restarting my computer, but it doesn’t work.
There is a blue pop up box that says “All new words are blue…” But no matter what I click, the screen stays grayed out with the blue pop up box. Please help.


What browser are you using? Can you try on other browser and let me know what happens?

I think the issue I’ve posted about might be the same. I tried three different popular browsers, and F5 and control-F5, and even tried using F12 (developer tools) in hopes I could use the object browser to delete the blue box out of the way, but I was unable to make anything work at all.

Do you maybe have any extensions enabled on your browsers that can be causing the issue? Some AD blocker or anything similar?