Paid content(?)

So I was studying with 世界から猫が消えたなら (If Cats Disappeared from the World) and Der Kleine Prinz, in japanese and german respectively and the courses ended abruptly in the middle of the story. Are these just unfinished courses or is there a way to access full versions of them? I remember a prompt when starting them that said something like “Do you want to buy this course? Prize 0 points, you have 0 points”, which made zero sense.

I’m currently on the Premium plan. If those lessons are behind a some kind of paywall, I wish it would be more clear in the library as it is extremely frustrating to spend so much time on a course only to realize you can’t finish it.

PS. The quality of those courses is awesome, especially the audio. I heartily recommend them.

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It might be that the user who has shared those stories has not shared them completely. In the Japanese course I can see 11 lessons, that’s all which has been shared.

and the German Course Der Kleine Prinz has only 4 parts, not complete. As I said they are shared by the users.

I agree with what nimotsu000 says about the paid caracter of some content not being indicated clearly in the library. This should be evident at first sight, when looking through the library! Zoran, can you do something about it?

Thanks for the answers!