"Paging moves to known" website version not working correctly

Hi there. In using the website version of Lingq, I unchecked “paging moves to known” when listening to a new text for the first time. I intended to first listen to the whole thing and then look at it in more depth sentence-by-sentence. I didn’t want the initial listen-through to affect my blue (unknown) words.

However it didn’t work as I expected: when I went back to the beginning of my text, I noted that all words had flipped to “known”.

This issue only concerns the website version. The IOS app version work as expected with regard to this function.

Did you maybe complete a lesson accidentally? I just tested on my end, and everything works fine. When paging moves to known is disabled, words remain blue when going through pages, I can’t see any issue there.

No I didn’t. I listened through to the end, then went back to the first page and was surprised to see that all words had moved to “known”, despite the fact that I had gone in to reader settings beforehand and unchecked “paging moves to known”. I’m on Windows 10 on a PC using Firefox as a browser.

Note that this isn’t the first time I’ve come across this issue with the website version on my computer. There is no change, it’s been like this for a while (for me). I didn’t report it before but thought you’d want to know….

Well, I guess the “solution” when I want to listen without all of words becoming known is to switch to the app version (where unchecking “paging moves to known” works correctly) .

It’s not really a solution of course. Lingq is unfortunately pretty darn flakey…

Can you please provide example lesson where you encountered this issue? I can’t find a way to reproduce the problem on my end and also haven’t heard from anyone else complaining about the same issue, and that makes it tricky to figure out. Thanks!

When you are on the last page of a lesson and you click trying to move to the next page (while there is no next page), it will “complete the lesson”, which is a different thing and will turn all blue words to known. Maybe that’s what happened?

Ah that’s quite possible, thanks! I had tried it again and this time it had worked properly. I knew that I hadn’t clicked on “lesson complete”, and I wasn’t sure about what exactly produced what I observed the first time.

The above behaviour is unexpected…maybe it should be fixed. True, it’s minor, but it contributes to the impression of flakiness…