Paging moves to known reset & Warning disappeared

my “Paging moves to known” option has been reset to be checked (no cookies deleted) and the warning for adding blue words to known disappeared.

Please don’t do this to me.

I unchecked “Paging moves to known” option but I cannot find the option for activating the warning for adding blue words to known when page is turned. Do you know where it is?

Thanks, JS

So you want to turn the page and not have blue words changed to known, but you want to be notified every time you turn a page and there’s a blue word on the screen? Seems a little flow-intrusive to me.

If you don’t want to add the LingQs to known when paging you uncheck that box.
Below that is Auto LingQ creation. you could try unchecking that.

I think it is impossible to revert the “Paging moves to Known” warning after it is gone. At least on the Web version.
On Android when the app is reinstalled, settings go to default and the warning shows again.

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