Paging moves to known not working right

I’ve been having trouble getting blue words to change to known when turning the page today. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t work at all. Sometimes only some of the words move to known and some stay blue. I keep paging back and forth trying to get them to change and then when I finish the lesson it thinks I read it like 4 times.

It was working fine for the past few days. It’s only today that it seems broken.

Also pressing the right arrow keeps changing the page instead of moving to the next word

I have this problem today. I mark some words as known, press the right arrow and it moves to the next page instead. Some words get marked as known while others stay blue. So I have to go back and check every single word I might not have known yet.

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Thanks, I was able to reproduce the problem on my end too. We will get it fixed.

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