Page Width not functioning properly (Firefox)

So, I usually like to use the Double Page layout for studying, but lately it hasn’t worked properly on Firefox. The same goes for Standard, it’s left aligned with a huge amount of empty space in the middle. All the layouts work fine on Chrome, which I’ve been using for now.

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I had mine set to normal but when I started having this same issue I changed it to the wide setting and that helped.

Wide works fine for me too, but with a big monitor, it’s just annoying to use unless you resize the browser window.

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Yes! This is the same issue I reported here: Double Page In Browser Displaying Only One Column - Langu... This is also on Firefox, and my page looks exactly the same.

(I mention my previous report not to go “you shouldn’t have posted this again”, but to lend support.)

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We are working on this and we will have it fixed. Thanks for your patience.