Page turning on ipad mini

Where exactly am I supposed to be swiping? I am having some issues getting the page to turn. I’m using sentence mode if that matters. Is it possible to just tap somewhere instead of swiping?

I made a post about this recently. I wish one could use the margins on the left and right to turn pages. I actually made a simple LingQ reading app a couple of years ago as a programming exercise that had this feature and it was really good. I find swiping with my finger painful and a pain in the ass.


For my ipad mini i can swipe anywhere on the screen left or right. does it not work that way for you? I’m on the new ipad mini as an fyi. If you have an older mini, I’m not sure if it would be different?

You should just swipe left to move on to the next page/sentence. As @ericb100 wrote, anywhere on the screen should work. Do you have issues?

I wish I had your technical expertise lol. I’m stuck with whatever they decide to give me with the app.

Yeah it seems to work the same no matter where you swipe. I’m on the new iPad mini. I also use my iPhone mini a bit. I seem to have more issues with the iPad mini than with my phone but either one can be annoying. It’s only in sentence mode really when you’re swiping constantly. It seems the angle of the swipe is really important. I could make a video of myself when I’m having a bad streak swiping away at the Lingq app like a madman but it won’t turn the page. Sometimes it seems to work fine. Even when it does work though it starts to get tiring when you are reading for hours and you’re swiping every sentence. A tap would be so much better.

Try reading on an iPad in sentence mode for a couple hours. As you get tired your swipes stop getting registered for some reason. Probably slightly sloppy swipes. But if you could tap it would help. I have Anki setup for tapping and I can tap away at Anki for hours without any problems.

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ok I just swiped it a hundred times. I even counted. I switched hands and swiped with the other hand and then it worked but that is a little ridiculous.

A couple of ideas:

  1. can you try connecting a bluetooth keyboard? In an ideal world LingQ would support this and keep the keyboard shortcuts consistent across platforms. Maybe that helps? (I can’t test this for lack of a suitable keyboard).
  2. Another idea might be to try around with the (iOS) accessibility features. But I’m currently not seeing anything suitable. Personally I have been using various accessibility features since LingQ 5, especially for the new lyrics mode, I invert the colors since it seems to be stuck in dark mode, and also use the zoom to make the tiny font legible.
  3. Maybe you can also use the website on the iPad? That should allow you to tap and turn the page, right?

Honestly, I find swiping myself painful. It also does not work as consistently on my eInk Android tablet since it does not have such a reactive and sensitive screen. Having this as the only way to turn pages was such a bad idea. Being able to tap on the margins, like on the browser version, would be such a relief. Also to make the hint bubble large one has to swipe up which could be made so much easier by having the option to tap on the top of the bubble to make it expand.

It’s a shame one has to swipe at all. It’s nice that one can do it, but there should always be other options.

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I’m probably slower, but I think now that you mention it I think I do get a bit cramped up with my right hand (swiping hand) after some time on the ipad mini. I haven’t had any issues with swiping not registering, but I do often find my clicking on certain things (mark to known, or ignore) not always registering. I hadn’t decided on whether the “touching area” of these is much to small, or my aim or vision is not as good as I think it is.