Page number in the vocabulary area - possible?

I have a lot of pages in the vocabulary box and want to review by filter status X -
now I have to click long time to come to the right site (eventually page 130).

Would it be possible to write the page number in a box for coming faster to this site?

Same here - I have several hundreds of pages. A dropdown list would be great.

Yeah I’ve got a similar problem, a drop down box shouldn’t be to hard to do once they find a little time…

A way to have flash cards come out at random would be nice too,I find I’m doing things in psuedo alphabetical order a lot, but that’s off topic…

The URL is like Login - LingQ . So, you can manually enter any page number in the URL :slight_smile:

молодец Расана!

This is something we can add to the list. In the meantime, you can do as Rasana suggests and just type the page you want to go to into the url.

blindside why don’t you try sorting the list by importance and then flashcarding them to shake up the order. They default to alphabetical but you can use the filters to change the list you see.