Page navigation is no longer available in Android App when working offline

Hi all.

I have just updated my LingQ App for Android to the latest version (3.2.0).

I mostly use the App in offline mode when i’m away from a wifi connection (as i don’t have mobile wifi on my tablet).
However, when studying my lessons offline i have noticed that the links to move to the next and previous pages have vanished!

This is not a problem when i am working on line, and these links are in every lesson as you would expect, but as soon as i work off line, they vanish and are no longer available.
This is very frustrating as this behavior did not occur in the previous version of the App.

Has anyone else noticed this problem with version 3.2.0 of the Android App?

Sorry for the trouble here! I see this is the case and we will look at getting this fixed this week.

Hi Alex. Thanks for the prompt response. On a more positive note, i think the App is great and allows me to put in some study time during my daily commute by train.

Glad to hear it :slight_smile: We’re going to push an updated version either tomorrow or on Friday with some additional fixes for this latest version, and this will include a fix here to reintroduce the next/previous buttons :slight_smile: