Page Advance During Reading Goes to Flashcard

I am working on a Surface Pro, with Chrome browser. I am working on swedish lessons “who is she”. I can see the first page of a chapter with no problem. When I try to use the green arrow on the right to advance to the next page, I get a flashcard and I cannot see the next page. I can then click the X on the flashcard, and the flashcard goes away and then I see the next page. However the audio has now gone back to the beginning, rather than staying at the spot I was listening to. So I have to start the audio again . I have tried clicking on slightly different spots on the page but this does not help.

That’s a new feature which allows to review your lingq’s when they are fresh. You can turn it off if it bothers you. Here is a post about it :
Restarting audio is a known issue and will be solved, for now just turn it off when you intend to listen and read.

Wow that is an awesome feature! I do remember clicking on that button a few days ago ( “Review LingQs when paging”.) I just did not know what that meant. Very useful. Thanks.