I have been charged both a monthly and yearly amount at LIngQ and my emails have not been answered. Can anyone address this? Thanks.

I did reply on both of your emails (Jan 2nd and Jan 13th) with instructions. Please check your spam and reply back. Thanks!

Thanks for your reply but I cannot find any responses in any folders, including spam. Could you possibly post the instructions here? Thanks!

It happens to me the same. Zoran sent me an email and solved the problem right away. Very efficient.

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@Silverclimber You are subscribed to LingQ Premium both through Apple Store (monthly plan) and the website version (annual plan). Since those two subscriptions are handled separately, our system wasn’t able to recognize that you are double subscribed.
Please make sure to cancel your Apple Store subscription. Here’s how you can do that: If you want to cancel a subscription from Apple - Apple Support
After you cancel it, let me know and we will manually add an additional Premium time to your website subscription to cover all your double paid days. Thanks.

Ok, thanks for that. The Apple subscription has been cancelled.

@Silverclimber Thanks, I extended your website subscription.

How long was the subscription extended?

Until January 22nd, 2024. All your paid days are covered.

Is that 1/22/2024?

Yes, 2024, sorry about the typo. I edited that in my comment.

Ok, thank you.