Our December Content Recommendations

Our Librarians’ Picks

Sometimes we just need a little push to keep our language-learning motivation going strong - So here are our December recommendations for our most popular languages. If you’re learning a language not on this list, you can check out the What’s New shelf in your Library for a full look at what our users have been sharing lately.

  • English🇬🇧 : Want an English teacher with an English accent? English with Lucy is a popular YouTube channel and we’ve imported her videos right into our Library for all our users. The course contains a whopping 220 videos with nearly 40 hours of audio… so don’t say we didn’t suggest enough content to you! Check it out here.

  • German🇩🇪 : If you’re looking to try out this language but heard that German is too challenging… Look no further than Absolute beginner Dialogues here. These lessons start with “Hallo”and move into some very simple conversations. Already too advanced for that kind of lesson? Check out the course Upper-Intermediate Dialogues here.

  • Spanish:es: : Need motivation? Whether it’s for learning Spanish or for getting in shape ahead of the holiday season, self-help videos are as popular in other languages as they are in Spanish. We’ve shared a course called MOTIVACIÓN, filled with videos from the YouTube channel Hemisferio Derecho. If you want an intermediate level course that helps you in more ways than just in improving your Spanish comprehension, check it out here.

  • French:fr: : We’ve added tons of courses filled with content from the Franco-German public channel ARTE. They have lots of great video lessons - We can recommend the Le Dessous des cartes series, which focuses on world politics, economics, and war. Check it out here

  • Japanese:jp: : If you want a short, easy lesson that’s fun to listen to, music is usually your best bet. We’ve shared Old Japanese Songs, a collection of popular songs from the 20th century. Even a beginner can learn something listening to them and maybe discover a new favourite artist along the way. Check them out here.

  • Italian:it: : Cose Molte Umane is a podcast in Italian by a native speaker and for native speakers. Despite that, it’s pretty easy to understand and with hundreds of episodes available in our Library, definitely a podcast you can get your fill of. The title translates to “Very Human Things”, so each episode is about different aspects of our lives - For example, the first episode is about marriage and divorce. Check it out here.

  • Chinese🇨🇳: If you’re still in the mood for something a little spooky, we have just the Chinese course for you. It’s called 短篇惊悚悬疑故事集, and it’s got 100 lessons worth of scary stories. Check it out here.

  • Turkish🇹🇷: Thanks to our Certified Tutor Tuncay, we now have a Patterns course shared in the Turkish Library. This beginner-level collection goes through the most common types of sentence constructions you’ll see in the language. Check it out here.


Great work! That’s a lot of content. I learn french, and I wonder if it is really a good decision to import war-related content?

I like ARTE, they have multiple channels, each spesializing in different topics. Literature, cinema, science and health,bilogy and climate change, subculture studies, etc.
For example there is a science cartoon, that explains various topics with goody animations

Or your run-of-the-mill youtube channel with vastly different topics (idk how to descrive it better)

And all of that is ARTE. The point is that there is so much more to ARTE than just geo-politics. Also, why would anyone spend so much acquiring vocab that is related to war, crimes and corruption?
Here are the other courses, and they are kinda the same.

You’re right, a lot of people don’t want to learn about world politics… but others do. With LingQ the idea is you can read whatever you want to read - I suggested that course because it is (unfortunately) relevant to a lot of the things we hear about in our native languages.

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