Os Quebradeiras no piquezin

Os Quebradeiras no piquezin…

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I’m Brazilian and if I were you, I wouldn’t waste time with that kind of vulgar subculture , it won’t add anything to your Portuguese learning, unless you are just interested in seeing butts and vulgar words. I had to search to check the meaning myself and the funk genre, mostly in Rio de Janeiro may produce the worst kind of language possible and often it is totally meaningless or with a very local meaning that many native speakers won’t understand.

Anyway, there is a band called “Os quebradeiras” . “Quebradeira” may also refer to a person that likes to go out and party, though it has many other meanings in slang.


“Pique” is usually energy, vigor and the diminutive could be “piquezinho” and reduced in an informal way, it could be said “piquezin”, I don´t know if that`s the meaning they intended here. I also found a group member somewhere called “Piquezin”.

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Olá, muito obrigado por sua explicação.
Estou muito interessado nas gírias brasileiras. Sou professor de Letras e tenho mestrado em gírias e línguas minoritárias. Estou interessado no português em geral.
Sou muito grato a você
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