Os lusiadas

has any one read this book i’m thinking of trying it in portuguese is it like don quixote written in very old language

I haven’t read it entirely yet but I enjoy reading some passages from time to time. I don’t find the language “that” difficult per se (maybe because my native language is French and old vocabulary looks the same?), but it’s full of historical references and it’s poetry… Reading poetry requires a good command of the language, and a taste for poetry itself.

Indeed, I read when I was a child forced by the school, back then was tough since I wasn’t a experienced reader. Some years ago I reread and the book is pretty good, however is difficult for inexpience learners.

I did, and I enjoyed it, but I am glad that I could choose to read it and wasn’s forced to do so, because then, I probably would have hated it. I would rather compare it to works like the Iliad or the Odyssey, those were the models for Os Lusiadas.