Organizing My Lessons Page

I find it difficult to keep track of all my lessons, imported and non-imported, on the My Lessons page. Unless I’ve missed something, there doesn’t seem to be any way to group your lessons together into folders to make access easier.

Currently I just have a list of lessons that run to about 20 odd pages, and finding older lessons that I want to go back to is a bit of a pain. (sometimes the title given to lessons imported through the bookmarklet is also sometimes unclear, making it tricker)

I think it would make things easier if you were able to create folders to put your lessons into on the My Lessons page, the student could name the folder themselves to keep track. I think this would make it easier to keep track of older lessons you had studied but wanted to go back to.

Yes, I would like something like this, too. Neiru, thank you for explaining it much better than I could have.

@Neiru, Em8649 - Thanks for the feedback. We know this page could be improved and we will get to it.

Thanks, Mark! Your hard work on maintaining and improving LingQ are appreciated.

Mark, Em8649 - thanks for your replies. Mark- thanks for looking into this.

I have about a hundred pages of archived Russian lessons, and finding anything in the archive is as hard as finding anything in my kids’ bedrooms. Even the search only works sometimes. I usually end up going to my Imported lessons page, finding the lesson there (organised into collections) and saving and opening the one I want to study again.

I don’t know how high is this in your priority list, but I find this is the one thing that needs urgent improvement, even if you never do any more improvements to Lingq that would be fine. But “My lessons” has been this way from the beginning, it’s a complete caos! and if you really are using Lingq, this is a big drawback. Archiving lessons just pushes the caos to the archive.

Please mark, alex, Steve improve “My lessons” page. With folders, tags or whatever you want. But some kind of organising this page, PLEASE!!!

We really appreciate all the hard work you’re doing improving the site, Thank you.

I’m so glad to see these comments because I figured I was doing something wrong on the “My Lessons” page. Anything you do to make it easier to organize lessons will be greatly appreciated. Thanks again for making LingQ such a wonderful language learning resource.

We are aware of this issue and we hope to get to it soon. Everyone always has lots of ideas, does it make sense to try and get our Get Satisfaction page going again - We tried it a while back and didn’t have much uptake but we may be more successful now. The idea is that people can suggest improvements to the site and others can vote on the importance. That way we can better gauge what is most important to our community and decide where to focus our resources. Or, we can explain why something isn’t going to happen. Any interest in this kind of tool?

Overall, I am satisfied with LingQ so I don’t know how much I would contribute to a Get Satisfaction page. I’m more of an online lurker than an active participant so I usually just “live with” the way things are. If someone else brings up an idea I like, I will sometimes add my “Yeah, I like that, too” comment.

The LingQ Forum is the first discussion forum where I have made more than a few posts. I appreciate the encouragement and support for language learners here. The forum is easy to use and questions are answered quite quickly.

Somehow the link brings the Rolling Stones to mind. I wonder why that is? I am quite happy with what we got here, but like Marj I am always pleased about improvements. This thought reminds me of a peculiarity of the search function in the library: Please read the thread “Right speed, daily life” where Jingle asked for advice.

I like the idea of getting input from as many users as possible, but for me, at the moment, I think it would be good to have some sort of basic folder function to start off with just so you didn’t need to scroll through pages and pages of old lessons to find the lesson you are after.

For example, recently I upload a lot of beginner lessons from the Rutgers Uni website, I could put all these lessons into a folder marked Rutgers. I also sometimes upload articles from the web on different topics, history/sport whatever. I could make folders for these and divide the lessons up like this. I think it would make things a lot easier to find.

Personally, I’ve never used tags very successfully in the past for anything, but I’m not completely against the idea.