Organise downloads in iTunes

Hi, I rarely download lessons now because I have no idea how to order iTunes. Is there anyway I can have iTunes automatically update a folder in the library whenever I download a lesson? How do you organise iTunes?

What I do is have a playlist for each of the languages I am studying and I simply drag the file, from my file system where I saved it, to that playlist in iTunes. It’s pretty quick and painless.

So do you add it to the library first?


The idea with the playlist for each languages ​​is great …


I often look for the artist (Berta / Oscar or Steve), so I find my audio lesson on iTunes.
I organise the "information"so, that I can find my audio.
I put a name from the speaker (alsuvi…)and so I find it quickly.
I hope you understand what I mean.

@James123 - Sometimes I add it to the library first by just playing the file. I have iTunes set as my default mp3 player. Once it’s playing in iTunes it can be hard to find in my long list of files but then I do what Jolanda suggests and search for it. Once I find the file in the iTunes library I can drag it to the playlist. I’m finding it easiest now to drag the file straight from my file manager to the playlist.

Here is my 2 cents to through in, what I do is actually created a folder in on my computer under my music. so if you want to be really organized what I do is have a folder in my music titled Korean because I am learning Korean. Then I have a folder inside that called Greetings, so all my sound files of that would be in there. Then all you have to do is eathier drag those into to itunes or play them like suggested. You also can do this on your itunes with playlist. you can creat a playlist folder then created playlist in that folder. This will make it easy for you to fine. Plus if its in a place list it will cycle through all your recordings with out you switching. there are many ways you can do this, i guess what ever is comfortable for you.