Order of threads listed

I can’t figure out in what order threads are listed. There seems to be no logic to me.
For exemple, here are the 4 first lines I see :

Can’t see how many words known? 3 38 1 semaine, 2 jours par LilyUK
Can’t see my scheduled times… 3 20 1 semaine, 2 jours par mark
Import section: Flashplayer required 3 20 5 jours, 17 heures par mark
Internet Explorer needs long time to show some sites 1 12 1 semaine, 3 jours par VeraI

Shouldn’t threads be listed in inversed chronological order of the last post ?


One day we will get around to improving the Forum. There is just a lot to do.

Oh, OK.
I just thought I was missing something.
Sorry about this and have fun!