Order of Languages Learning

I noticed that the order of the languages being learned was changed on my profile.
Did I do this accidentally? If not, why this new change?

Also, is there any reason why the pictures of my friends keeps cycling through? Does it mean that the last person shown was the last to look at my profile? Or is it just random?

Question one: I don’t THINK is it random. Maybe just in order of last studied or most LingQed.

Q2: Random I think.

Thanks, Ed. This is new, though, for the languages.

The languages show in order of activity score I believe. Friend images are random.

Thanks Mark, but it isn’t by activity score.

I think that the last one you worked on is featured. As to the order of the rest, that is based on algorithm that we found in an ancient Aztec calendar.

No, it isn’t the last one featured either. Nice try with the Aztec calendar explanation;)

It’s not that important. I was just used to seeing it a certain way and I kept track of my languages that way.

At one point, my languages was in the alphabetical order, but right now it’s German (1352)->Chinese (1209)->Russian(1105). The descending “Activity score” explanation seems OK - for you too, Maitee - I just checked your languages. The French tab was active, maybe you studied that last.

Well, actually I was referring to the list that appears on the side (vertically), not the horizontal list. Portuguese is at the top of my list now. It used to be Japanese. It had been that way for some time. I write down the number of words learned every once in awhile because I like to see if there are patterns and I like to estimate where I’ll be in a month or a year-mostly for fun, but partly as a way of tracking progress.

It was easy, I just copied the numbers because the order was always the same until today.